English a Day

How does the app work?

You receive an automatically generated daily e-mail with a link to 5 questions. Answer these 5 questions and find out about your score that can range from 0% to 100%. Learn by taking daily tests!

What are your benefits?

  • No costs
  • No advertisements
  • No textbooks needed
  • Works on all internet browsers
  • Accessible on pc, laptop, tablet and smart phone
  • We send you an automatic daily mail with the test
  • An adaptive learning system: score an average of 80% of your questions correctly and the level of questions in your next test will go up; when you score poorly, that is lower than 40%, the level will go down
  • In our database there are more than 700 questions
  • The explanation is available in Dutch and English
  • Language skills are shown in European and American levels
  • Showing language skills in European and American levels
  • Link to Twitter, Facebook to share your scores, ideas, thoughts
  • Link to conversation lessons with international Skype tutors

Which learning skills does English a Day offer?

Symbol Skill
Writing (spelling, correspondence, punctuation, word order)
Reading (quotes from famous novels, non-fiction books, news articles)
Listening (pronunciation of similar words, difference between British and American pronunciation)
Vocabulary (meaning of words and expressions, cultural awareness)

What do the orange apples mean?

The higher you score, the smaller the apple gets!

European levels Eat the apple! American levels
A1 Beginner
A2 Pre Intermediate
B1 Intermediate
B2 Upper Intermediate
C1 Advanced
C2 Proficient

Is the app a real app?

Yes and no. Yes, because it is a small program (application) that offers you to learn English in a simple, repetitive and effective way. No, it is not an app that can be downloaded in the App or Play Stores. It is more than that: it is a web-app that works on all kinds of devices: on your desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone! So don’t download it, but simply subscribe at this website www.englishaday.com!

What does the app cost?

  • Nothing, it’s free
  • Maybe some sweat and tears
  • Free of irritating pop-ups and commercial advertisements

When am I done?

After having scored on level C2 with an average of 80% or higher you’ll receive our Congratulations page. Then you can choose between: saying bye-bye to English a Day (quit) or keep receiving daily tests. That is all up to you!

How can you unsubscribe?

Log in, go to the settings page and turn off your subscription by switching off the daily mail: “Don’t send me my daily mail”.

When you feel like playing again, just tick the option: “Send me my daily mail” in the settings page.

English a Day in social media?


I, Sandra Wormgoor, the initiator and creator of this web-application called English A Day, and owner of the language company Taaltutor, declares the following:

  1. English A Day is a web-application that offers free English questions to anyone who wants to test her or his English on a daily basis. The app is meant to learn English on any digital device connected to the Internet, ranging from a desktop computer to a smart phone or tablet.
  2. The web-app offers level indications, based on the Common European Framework (CEF), a standard set of levels for languages in order to use in education and the job market. The levels range from A1 (beginner) through C2 (near-native/native speaker) and have been applied to the questions in the app. The levels are indications and represent no official value. In case someone disagrees strongly with the set level we invite you to comment through sending us an e-mail.
  3. Taaltutor has made up all content in this web-app, both text and audio. If in questions parts of other sources are included, the source has been quoted and Taaltutor has mentioned the title of the book or video and the author or producer. If you come across any text fragment in this web-app that you think needs to have any kind of accreditation, please let me know and I will adjust it if justified.

Witten by: Sandra Wormgoor, owner and director of Taaltutor, The Netherlands, 2014
E-mail : info@englishaday.com
Twitter: @English_a_Day
Facebook: EnglishaDay