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English A Day (EaD) is a web application of owner/creators, Sandra Wormgoor and Alan Headbloom. EaD promotes learning English through a short digital test offered daily to learners of English as a Foreign Language (EFL). The app is accessible on any digital device connected to the Internet, ranging from a computer to a smart phone or tablet.

The web app English a Day

EaD contains a database with multiple-choice questions selected randomly from a subscriber's current level and offered in a short quiz every day. Moving up and down levels is based on the learner's composite scores and is executed by the web app's adaptive system. The levels are based on the Common European Framework (CEF), a standard that is used across European education and business institutions. The six levels move up from A1 through C2 and parallel American standards from Beginner through Proficient user. EaD levels should be used as learner approximations as they represent no official status in external organizations. Should users disagree with their assigned levels, we invite comments or questions via email. Our web app is backed by serious pedagogy but has no direct relationship with any academic institution. The creators of EaD have developed the content with professional love and care but are not liable for errors or any other inaccuracy in its content. We are constantly striving to upgrade this tool and count on our users to alert us to any confusing content.

Adaptive system and content

Test results
Test results are used anonymously, securely saved in our system, and employed only for the purpose of showing users the results of their daily testing. Test scores are only retained for the duration of user subscriptions. Once users have unsubscribed and deleted their accounts, the data is erased. Should a user unsubscribe but not delete the account, the results will reside in our system until the user chooses to reactivate or delete the account. If a user decides to delete the account, all test results and personal information will be removed permanently within one month of unsubscribing. We take your data very seriously and we will not use it for other purposes.

Personal information
Beyond a user's test results, the only other information saved in our system are the user's name and email address. We will honor all user requests to delete this information permanently after receiving an email sent to [email protected].


Taaltutor and Headbloom are the authors of all content in this web app, including text, audio files, photos, layout, and icons, and are, therefore, the copyright owners. All author quotations are given proper attribution. If you notice any text fragment within the web app that you believe lacks appropriate accreditation, please advise us and we will promptly make necessary adjustments.


EaD makes use of cookies for tracking user analytics. We employ Google Analytics and functional cookies to follow user subscriptions, sign-ins, and sign-outs.


The English a Day web app is maintained in the Netherlands and uses a Dutch payment provider, Mollie BV. English a Day falls under Dutch law, and payments are fully secured via PayPal, iDeal, or credit card. If a subscriber is dissatisfied with the services offered, reimbursement may be requested via email to [email protected].


For more information about our Disclaimer, Privacy, or Payment statements, please submit your inquiry via email to [email protected].

Sandra Wormgoor, owner and director of Taaltutor, The Netherlands, 2018,

Alan Headbloom, owner and principal of Headbloom, Grand Rapids, USA, 2018

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